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Privacy statement

* This document is written in the masculine language for convenience only.

Welcome to the privacy policy of Yaron Ofir Engineers.

In this privacy policy, we will explain how we use the information we receive or collect, about the surfers and users of our website - Yaron Ofir Engineers.

If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, please stop browsing and any other use of the website immediately.

This privacy policy is binding and will apply to every visit to the site, viewing and surfing of the contents, uploading of contents and/or any other use of the site or its products, by any person and by any means (hereinafter "use" and "the users of the site").
We are not obligated in any way, including legally, to agree to the delivery, collection of production or any other use of the information.

In any browsing or other use of any configuration on the website, you agree of your own free will to this privacy policy in full and to the storage, delivery and production of the information, the processing of the information, the transfer of the information and any other use of the information as detailed in this policy document.

In each browsing or use of the website, you declare that you are at least 18 years old, or that you are using the website under the approval of one of your parents (or a guardian who is responsible for you) and with his consent to this privacy policy in full.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us using the contact form on the website.

The type of information collected

Use of information collected about you

We will use the information provided by you to contact you, send mailing list messages, password reset emails, etc.
Also, information about responses, reports, website page visit statistics, favorites, etc. will be saved for the benefit of website statistics, cookies.
We will use the information solely within the framework of the site and for the benefit of statistics and not for any other purpose or interest.
We will never sell our user information to a third party.

For more information about cookies, please go to the following link: Cookie (Internet)

Transfer of information to a third party:

For the purposes and uses detailed in this privacy policy, and in order to support and operate the website, we may transfer information about you upon request and a court order to the authorized parties.

We may transfer information to a third party, also in these cases:

In the event of a violation of the site's terms of use, or in the event that you perform actions that are against the law.
In the event that a dispute arises between you and our company, or if we receive a court order or regulatory directive, which instructs us to provide the information.
In the event of a change in ownership of the website, or in the event of a merger of the website with another entity - provided that the other entity will accept the provisions of this privacy policy.

The third parties to whom we may transfer information are:

Factors that will be exposed to the details you publish on websites (for example in comments).
Factors that a judicial authority or some regulatory body, instructs to grant them access to information.
Any entity that acquires the site's operations, or merges with the site's management, provided that it is subject to this privacy policy.
In any case that we transfer information about you outside the borders of Israel, the transfer of the information will be carried out in accordance with the terms of the law and this policy.
Direct mail

We will use the contact information you enter (when registering on the website, uploading and publishing content on your behalf, or in any other case where you enter contact information), to keep in touch with you, to offer and send you offers and marketing content from various parties, direct mail, newsletters, updates, advertisements, and so on To notify you of various messages regarding the services and websites (hereinafter - "mailing").

The mailing will be sent to you via e-mail.

If you do not wish to receive promotional mailings, you can contact us and ask to remove your email address from the mailing list, by clicking on a link that will appear in every email message sent to you, or by canceling the option through your user profile page, and we will remove your information from the mailing list, accordingly At your request, to the Telecommunications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982-1982 and the Privacy Protection Law, 1981-1981.

Your rights in information
You are entitled to review the information collected about you, which is stored in our databases, and which is identified and associated with you. It is not possible to view information that is not identified and associated with you.
You can view the information under your personal profile on the website.
The right to correct information
If you found that the information stored about you is not correct, complete, clear or updated, you can contact us with a detailed request to correct or delete the information.

To exercise these rights, you can contact us using the contact form on the website. We will examine your application, and respond to you in accordance with the deadlines set by law.

The right to withdraw consent
You have the right, at any time, to cancel your consent to receiving mailings, by contacting us. For more details, see the chapter dealing with direct mail.
Additional rights regarding information
You may be entitled to additional rights, in connection with information about you: rights to delete information, to limit and stop processing information, to transfer information to other entities. For inquiries on these topics, or on other topics related to this privacy policy, you can contact us using the contact form on the website. We will review your request, and respond accordingly.
Even if we delete, correct information, or accept your request in any other way, we will in any case add and save information we need to manage the site, including documentation of actions, as well as information we need to protect and maintain our legal rights, or for compliance with regulatory requirements, fraud prevention or fraudulent, and enforcement of this privacy policy and the terms of use on the websites.

For complaints regarding your rights or regarding this privacy policy, you can contact the Privacy Protection Authority at the email address:

Security and data protection
We invest a lot of effort to protect the information, and implement various systems and procedures for information security and improve the level of security consistently. However, our protection and information security systems are not completely immune to any intrusion or unauthorized access, and do not provide absolute protection. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of intrusion, unauthorized use, or theft of information from our databases or websites.

Any use of the website, content uploaded to the website and content related to it - may expose you to a variety of dangers associated with using the internet: intrusion into the device you are using, viruses, malware, and the like. The use of the website, the various services, and content uploaded to the website or content related to it, is your sole responsibility. We recommend that you install protection software and security measures of your choice from suppliers, before each use of the websites and services.

Cookies, monitoring and control systems, and advertising by third parties
The site includes and uses "cookies", and other systems that collect information and monitor the use of the site.

A cookie (according to the Hebrew Language Academy: Kukiit [1]; in English: Cookie, and this term is also common in Hebrew) is a string of letters or numbers, used to verify, track and store information about a surfer on a website, such as saving the user's preferences. The cookie represents a certain state of browsing the website or using the application. Sometimes, even sites other than the site that created the cookie can use it. ( Wikipedia )

The cookies are used for various purposes: collecting statistical data, verifying details, adapting the site to your personal preferences, monitoring browsing habits and activity, browsing history, characterizing your use of the sites, improving the service and the user experience, advertising and marketing adapted to your preferences, information security, as well as for other purposes.

Some of the cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the site, some are used for control, evaluation and analysis purposes, and some are used to customize marketing and advertising content that will be presented to you.

Some of the cookies and the additional systems that operate on the site are operated by third parties, or as part of the service that those third parties provide as part of the sites. Any use that a third party makes of cookies, or any other similar technology, is subject to their privacy policy.

Changes to the privacy policy
We may update the privacy policy from time to time. The binding version of this privacy policy is the current version displayed on the website, and you accept and agree to the privacy policy on all its sections, including any corrections and updates that may be made to it. If material changes are made to the privacy policy, the date of the last update will appear at the bottom of this document. Please return and review this page, from time to time, to check the latest and binding version of this privacy policy.

Deleting cookies and stopping their use:

You can delete, or completely stop the use of cookies, by changing the settings in your web browser. Disabling the use of cookies may affect your ability to use part of the website, as well as the quality of browsing and other activities on other websites. In some cases, deleting cookies will mean that you will have to re-enter the username and password, before you can use the additional features on the site that are reserved for logged-in users only. For more details regarding cookies, and the various options for deactivating or deleting cookies, you can refer to these links, according to the type of browser you are using:

Google Chrome browser: A6%D7%99-cookie-%D7%91-microsoft-edge-63947406-40ac-c3b8-57b9-2a946a29ae09

Mozilla Firefox browser: cookies

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Setting cookies settings on websites:

You can determine and define which types of cookies will be activated during your use of the websites, and which cookies you refuse to accept.

To determine and adjust the cookie settings on the websites, according to your preferences, click here:

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