A team of experts examined the collapsed masonry - the building is dangerous, it must be demolished immediately

A team of experts who examined the collapsed masonry: "The structure is dangerous, it must be destroyed immediately"

Two expert opinions, summoned by the Bezan Group, determined that the remains of the building that collapsed a month and a half ago in the Haifa Bay should be destroyed. They warned that the historic water cooling tower is "unstable and may collapse", and its remains should be destroyed on site to prevent damage

Yoav Itiel - 07/23/2020

The team of experts who examined the site of the brickwork at the refineries in the Haifa Bay, after the collapse of one of them about a month and a half ago, determined today (Thursday) that the structure is unstable and that a proactive and planned demolition of the structure should be carried out as soon as possible. Following the determination of the team of experts, summoned on behalf of the Bezan company, the group with the findings turned to the Haifa Municipality with a request to declare the building as dangerous and to receive urgent instructions from it in favor of demolishing the rest of it.

On June 12, the upper part of the lavatory fell, one of the two historical water cooling towers that have not been active for over a decade. Bezan asked to get an opinion from the company "Yron Ofir Engineers", which specializes in building engineering, rehabilitation and strengthening for earthquakes, and later also from Prof. Constantine (Costa) Kobler, a researcher and concrete expert from the Technion's National Construction Research Institute.

As appears from the two opinions, in light of the physical condition of the building and the manner in which it collapsed, the remaining part of it is unstable and is in danger of collapsing. The experts' recommendation is to destroy the rest of the building immediately, in a proactive and planned manner, in order to prevent its unplanned collapse.
The remaining brick structure stands in view from the collapsed brick.
The experts stated in the opinion that it is not possible to restore the building. Yaron Ofir's team stated in the opinion that "the building is unstable and may collapse. Due to the high level of instability and the physical condition of the building, we immediately recommend a proactive, planned and careful demolition."

Prof. Kobler stated in the opinion that "in order to prevent immediate damage, the remainder of the tower must be destroyed immediately, and this should be done in a careful manner that will prevent damage to the buildings adjacent to it during the demolition."

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