Tnuva Rehovot and Tnuva Tel Yosef


Upgrading a machine room for land and a military event.
Rehovot - Earthquake resistance examination and initial planning for an upgrade for an earthquake with a return period of 5000 years for buildings and processes that include HMS according to FEMA and CalARP guidelines. The design principles were successfully reviewed by a world-renowned researcher and expert in the field (Praveen Malhotra, PhD from Global FM) Development of an integrated protection system for military protection and earthquakes, light and advanced, in collaboration with Eng. Reuven Eitan and the Ortech company as part of a first pilot approved by PKA, and follow-up work to protect another ammonia tank.

Tel Yosef - examining the resistance of the main dairy structure and the energy structure in the dairy in a total area of approximately 18,000 square meters to earthquakes, determining the principles of strengthening and planning typical strengthening details for a high level of function for continued operation after an RA with a return period of 2500 years. Further to the aforementioned durability test, planning an actual upgrade to the energy structure in the dairy (combined shielding was performed for the ammonia facilities).